Nobody wants an HP-150?

From: Lance Costanzo <>
Date: Thu Jun 7 16:31:56 2001

>An HP150 is a PC-incompatible. It's an 8088-based machine that runs
>MS-DOS (if you add an optional disk drive), but not IBM PC MS-DOS. It is
>not compatible with the PC at the hardware or BIOS level, so most
>software has to be specially written for the HP150.

>Without a disk drive you can't (obviously) boot MS-DOS. But there is a HP
>terminal emulator in the ROM which will run with out a disk drive being
>connected. If you need an HP-compatible terminal for some other machine,
>the HP150 is a possible choice.

There's a couple of other uses for it:
1) It can run HP-Word from an HP-3000.
2) With a floppy, it can be used to boot an HP-3000 Series 70.
3) With a touchscreen, its a great terminal for a dumb blonde.
(off the cover of a manual, I think her name is P.A.M.)
It wasn't a bad little computer for its time. But by making it
so incompatible HP missed the boat, as usual.
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