Will trade classic H/W for CP/M 2.2 help!

From: Stan Sieler <sieler_at_allegro.com>
Date: Thu Jun 7 17:37:49 2001


> To any CP/M 2.2 users with 8-inch SSSD floppy disks...
> If any list member can help, I'm willing to trade classic hardware such
> as an HP

That's a nice offer, and if my back were better, I'd try to talk you
out of those machines.

However, I suspect that on this list you could simply say "can anyone
send me CP/M 2.2 ..." and you'd get some volunteers. I'd send it if
I had any of my 8" systems working yet! :)

Good luck,

Stan Sieler

Stan Sieler sieler_at_allegro.com
www.allegro.com/sieler/wanted/index.html www.allegro.com/sieler
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