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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Jun 7 21:09:57 2001

> "Massimo from Italy" has been sending me more scans and stuff
>related to
>the SYM1. So much so, that I may put up a "SYM1 page" on Highgate. He's now
>working on scanning the SYM Physis, a newsletter for SYM users (1979-1982).

        There are 8 or 9 issues of that newsletter already converted
to PDF and on the web. I have the URL at work..I'll post it to the
list tomorrow.

> If anyone has anything they'd like to post, let me know off
>list. Also, I'm
>looking for a small Web-sized picture of the SYM for the page (I don't have
>a SYM to photograph).

        I have a Synertek SY VIM Model 1, which Sellam pointed out to
me previously as being an early version of the SYM-1. I could try to
photograph it if you would like. It also came with the book 'MCS6500
Microcomputer Family Hardware Manual' dated August 1975 and copyright
MOS Technology.

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