Storage of computer and parts in the residential area

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 06:36:25 2001

Exactly why I live in a small town without zoning or business/residence
restrictions nor any "subdivisional" rules since my house sets on 1 acre and
was built in 1952. I run a business from the house too and even have a sign
out front.

California is such a pretty and diverse state too but all the idiot laws and
the small percent of idiot people make it very undesireable. I was offered
a job out of the AF at the Palmdale Northrup plant and declined, mainly due
to it being in California. You can't break wind without someone wanting to
stick an emissions probe up there.

Hope it works out for you Mike.

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> Subject: Storage of computer and parts in the residential area
> I am so steamed right now, buried in my junk mail I just found a letter
> from the city of Orange where I live. (peoples republic of California)
> Notice of violation and order to comply
> * Storage of computer and parts in the residential area
> Apparently some neighbor had a inspector come over and peek in my windows
> last week, and sure enough I do have a few computers stacked around right
> now. The gist of the complaint is that while I comply with all the noise,
> parking, etc. they want me to have a "Home Occupation Business
> License" and
> restrict my storage to 500 cubic feet in an enclosed garage.
> Now I guess I have to agree the home is occupied with computers, but my
> first reaction is that it is strictly a hobby, no business
> activity goes on
> at all. Before I say anything though I am going to go and read Orange
> Municipal Code 17.14.050(H) in the morning.
> I love the arrogance of these people too, giving me 14 days to comply. My
> guess is that at best this will be a big PITA, since it kind of hamstrings
> me, if I sell off a bunch of stuff, then I am a business, but if I don't
> then I may be looking at endless harassment.
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