Storage of computer and parts in the residential area

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Date: Fri Jun 8 11:04:39 2001

Hmmm. According to my ol' boolean and legal logic, it seems that the "H."
section consists of a bunch of "and" conditions which must be met, so this
does not apply to you. But adherence to the written law does not seem to be
socially fashionable lately, especially by judges and lawyers.


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> >Mike,
> >
> >I'd be interested to see what Orange Municipal Code 17.14.050(H) says.
> H. Home Occupations. A home occupation is one carried on in a dwelling as
> secondary use, where there are no displays or signs at or upon the
> premises, no other commodity or services are sold upon the premises and no
> storage of materials and/or supplies upon those premises except within the
> dwelling or an enclosed garage. Where storage will take place within an
> enclosed garage, such storage shall be conducted in such a manner so as
> to interfere with the parking of vehicles therein. Any materials and/or
> supplies which are stored upon the premises shall not occupy a space in
> excess of 500 cubic feet. Such an occupation shall not:
> 1. Create light, noise, odor, dust, vibration, fumes or smoke readily
> discernible at the exterior boundaries of the parcel.
> 2. Involve the use of mechanical equipment or storage of material and/or
> supplies on trucks in amounts not recognized as part of reasonable
> household use.
> 3. Involve the use of services at the premises of non-occupants of the
> dwelling in any manner; provided, however, that deliveries made by bona
> fide delivery firms shall be permitted, as long as such deliveries are in
> amounts or performed in a manner recognized as part of a reasonable
> household use.
> 4. Have the premises or adjacent public right-of-way serve as an assembly
> point for non-occupants, including serving as a location from which such
> non-occupants are dispatched to off-site locations.
> 5. Significantly increase the off-street parking load.
> 6. Involve the storage or use of flammable substances as defined by the
> Uniform Fire Code, Section 15.101 et. seq., or hazardous chemicals as
> defined by the Uniform Fire Code, Section 19.101, et. seq.
> 7. Involve the sale of firearms or ammunition except to those set forth in
> California Penal Code Section 12078. Records shall be kept for a minimum
> one year on the sales of firearms. Information on these records shall
> a. Date of purchase.
> b. Name, address, phone number, driver's license number and date of birth
> of the person buying any firearms.
> c. Brand name, model number and serial number of firearm purchased.
> 8. Involve the sale, preparation, or storage of food or food products.
> (Ords. 12-95; 3-93; 4-87; 17-84; 15-80; 12-80; 35-79; 43-69; 15-69: Prior
> Codes 17.10.030, 17.26.010 and 17.04.290)
> look it up:
> >Somehow, I suspect that they're wanting you to admit you are carrying on
> >business so that they can then tell you what you can and cannot do.
> and they're looking for revenue.
> I would make sure all your goodies are clean and reasonably organized,
> put as much stuff as possible into one 'work area', take some pics,
> go down to city hall with the letter and ask to speak to a city
> planner. When I applied for a home business permit, I talked to
> a planner so I'd guess that Orange would have a similar structure.
> Explain to them its a hobby and not a business, its not a nusaince
> activity (except for the trespassing that's occured by your neighbor),
> and ask them what you should do.
> >From my experience, building and planning guys are pretty reasonable.
> >My first reaction is that you don't want to go that route, but rather
> >you want to call it your hobby and exercise your freedom to spend your
> >leisure as you wish.
> >Do they persecute ham radio operators, satellite dish owners, book
> >and plant aficionados too?
> >
> >I have a friend who lives in Irvine. She's not even allowed to park her
> >car on the street or in front of her garage. It has to be
> >enclosed. However, she chose that lifestyle, but it seems excessively
> >and tidy to me.
> >
> >I've got loads of stuff in the City of LA adjacent to Culver City. No
> >has bothered me yet, except my ex-, but that was years ago.
> >
> >Good luck, and keep us informed.
> >
> >Best,
> >Nick
> >
> >
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