Storage of computer and parts in the residential area

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 14:32:03 2001

All states have had tornados, some just more than others. In the 2 yrs I was
stationed in Kansas and the 8 yrs in middle IL and the 20 in Chicago I was
part of 1 damaging tornado - Oak Lawn in the early 70's. Since living here
in KY since 95 there have been 3 and one back in early 70's. When I was in
Las Vegas we had one good one on the desert but there wasn't anything there
to hurt but semi trucks are constantly blown off the highway and tipped by
invisible "dust devils" (when they hit pavement and have no dust to pull) or
dust storms, as does Califonia on the open desert.

Every place has their sucky weather or conditions. At least with a tornado
they can see it coming at you with radar, a little hard to do with
earthquakes until it actually hits and the seismographs go nuts. Of course
we also have some mythical fault here in the midwest that will be doomsday
someday but no one seems to know when. Sort of makes you know how ants feel
when you walk on their nest...

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> > Or in California where the damned ground won't hold still . . .:^)
> Just a rant, but this whole perception of California being this constantly
> roiling land mass is silly.
> When you consider that the east coast has on average at least one
> hurricane every year like clockwork (and sometimes a majorly devastating
> one), and that the midwest has dozens of tornados (some catastrophic), and
> the Atlantic and northeast have terrible weather almost year round, I'll
> take the occasional major earthquake every decade or two over all that
> nonsense any day (and enjoy the great weather to boot).
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