Storage of computer and parts in the residential area

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 14:58:09 2001

We had an earthquake in the middle of the night back in 84 when I lived in
Plattsburgh NY (across from Burlington, VT) and it was havy for that area
but nothing for a Califonia quake - it was absolutely WEIRD. It was like
standing on an elevated platform in Chicago when the train comes by -
multiplied 20 or 30 times. The ground tremors from bomb testing on the
Nellis Range in Nevada were stronger but we knew they were coming and why
they happened.

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> > Just a rant, but this whole perception of California being this
> constantly
> > roiling land mass is silly.
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> And I have always wanted *some* sort of earthquake to see what it is like
> when I am there... But noooooo....
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