Proteon P4200 and Suminet 3500H/FDDI

From: Brian Hechinger <>
Date: Fri Jun 8 21:46:04 2001

hmm, i haven't bothered this list about these yet, this may be a good place.
i've gotten absolutely nowhere with these things.

friend of mine found docs for the P4200 where he works, so i've pretty much
got all the knowledge i need to make it work, sadly i lack an OS. if anyone
at all has a copy of the OS for the Proteon P4200 please let me know, this
thing is completely useless to me otherwise.

i have found absolutely nothing out about the Suminet though. i can't find
docs for it, actually i can find very little about this thing on the internet.
if anyone has any info whatsoever, please let me know, it's got a serial port
that looks like it would be a console, but it only prints the same line over
and over (i'd have to hook it up to get a copy of the line) and it's nothing

any help at all would be great!!!


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