Talking 'bout shakin & quakin

From: Peter Joules <>
Date: Sat Jun 9 04:05:59 2001

On Sat, 09 Jun 2001, you wrote:
> IIRC, the largest US quake (of which we have reliable evidence) in the
> last 150 years was on the New Madrid fault in (I think) Tennessee, which
> changed the course of the Ohio River. It was approaching a 9.0 R.
> So California can not claim to have *all* the fun.

You Americans get all the fun... Here in the UK I have only experienced one
earthquake, big by our stanadrds, of about 3 R, it felt like a particularly
heavy truck going past. We never have any _decent_ tornadoes, just whirwinds
which knock over a few trees. We haven't got any volcanoes, and decent
thunderstorms are few and far between.

The closest I get to the wild side of nature is to watch it on TV :(.

I must point out so as not to cause offence that I accept that these things
cause tragedy for many people, and should probably not be perceived as fun.

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