Proteon P4200 and Suminet 3500H/FDDI

From: Brian Hechinger <>
Date: Sat Jun 9 09:13:16 2001

On Sat, Jun 09, 2001 at 09:50:58AM +0000, Pete Turnbull wrote:
> All I know is that Suminet is a Japanese brand of network equipment, and a

yeah, searching on google i can find very little, but if i look up Sumitomo
(the manufacturer) i can find a web poge for them. sadly they haven't made
this thing in a long time, so there is no mention of it on their rather ugly
web site.

> 3500H is an FDDI DAS (dual-attach) to Ethernet (and possibly Token Ring)
> router. I've never seen any Suminet kit, but if you tell us what the
> connectors look like, and how many there are, maybe I can tell you what you
> have. If some are 15-pin D-connectors, it would help to know whether they
> have clips or screws for mounting, and whether they are male or female. As

it's got DAS FDDI on the system board, a Dual AUI ethernet card and a
token-ring card. each card has a set of status lights (couple leds in a row
numbered starting from 0) and the DB-25 on the system board.

> for the serial port, I'd expect it is indeed a console line, and you've
> just got the wrong baud rate. Or it's Japanese!

well, hmmmmm. i've tried a handful of rates/settings and haven't come up with
much, tried straight through and roll-over, nothing works for me. if it's in
japanese i have no idea what to expect output to look like on a non japanese
terminal (if i added japanese support to solaris would tip be able to take
advantage of that??) i can plug the thing in and show you the garbage i get
at 9600 8n1 if you'd like.

> I still haven't quite got my own FDDI up and running, partly due to a
> faulty SAS card in one of my SGIs. If anyone has any surplus FDDI boards
> for SGI kit, especially GIO DAS, or any surplus *small* bridges or routers,
> I'd be interested to hear from you...

nope, don't have any of that, sorry. finally got my FDDI ring into a sane
state. DAS backbone ring with all the network equipment hanging off of that.
all the sun boxes (that can support it anyway) have SAS FDDI cards and hook
into a 3Com FDDI Hub. so far, i LOVE FDDI. now all i need are two 6U VME FDDI
cards for my SGI 4d boxen, and a handful of TuboChannel FDDI cards for my one
alpha, and my small army of DECstation 5000 beasts. oh, QBus FDDI would be
kinda cool too. :)

-brian (who has too many machine, most of them LARGE)
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