Booting RSX-11M On A PDP-11/34

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Sat Jun 9 12:53:15 2001

I have pretty much no experience with DEC systems, or at least PDP-11s
anyway. I have an 11/34 with three RL01 drives (only two are connected). The
system works fine, I get the register printout on the console LA120, and I
can examine, deposite, etc. When I put the RSX-11M pack in the RL01 drive,
and ready it, I don't get any fault ligtht or anything. When I get
everything set up, I tell the system to boot from drive 0. The light on the
drive flashes rapidly, and I can hear it spinning. Then I get a lot of line
feeds on the console, along with a few seemingly random characters, usually
lower case Rs, Ss, and Ms. So, if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong,
or what I need to be doing, I would greatly appreciate it.

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