NeXT parts available, others too

From: Jeffrey Ingber <>
Date: Sat Jun 9 22:31:23 2001

I have the following bits 'n piece of NeXT Cube/NeXT equipment
available to interested parties. You can have what you like for the
cost of shipping, or an even swap for any items on my want list:

1 rear cover for 030 cube (ie. "NeXT Computer") with original fan (ie.
spins backward), will fit on all Cubes
3 screws for rear cover
3 slot-covers (I know someone needs some of these =)
1 Complete set of upper and lower card tracks
1 Cube Logo for front of case (good condition)
3 rubber feet for Cube bottom with screws
4 dowels (these hold the three sections of the
Cube together).
1 Backplane, working
1 3-meter monitor cable (one end is loose), working
1 Optical drive, working
3 030 System boards with various RAM configuration and
batteries, none have NBIC chips, all working
1 Refurbished power supply with center tower, working,
1 ADB keyboard, no cord, good cosmetic condition,
good for replacement key caps.
2 NON-ADB keyboards, working, poor cosmetic condition,
logo good condition
1 NON-ADB mouse, working, poor cosmetic condition, logo
good condition
2 screws for front bezel
1 Complete Digiboard EISA Xem with 8-port ports module,
cable, loopback plug, manuals and software.  Working,
complete, never used.  This would be great to connect
a bunch of old PC's to a UNIX server, for BBS, terminals,
etc. Works with Linux, SCO, NT, etc.
1 Digiboard Classicboard 4 port, no cable (new)
1 Digiboard Classicboard 8 port, no cable (new)
1 IBM Logo manual in linen-bound yellow binder (has some
marks and glue on slipcover), missing disk.
1 IBM MS-DOS 2.10 manual, missing disks
Viking 56K external hardware modem, AC adapter, and manuals.
My want list:
IBM PC 360K full height floppy drives
IBM PC floppy controllers
IBM PC monochrome monitor/printer cards
IBM PC CGA cards
IBM PCjr internal modems & cables
IBM PCjr cartridge BASIC and manuals
IBM PC power supply
Any interesting PCjr sidecards, sans. memory expansion
Any PCjr expansion unit type addon that has a second
floppy drive and more memory (working, complete)
IBM PCjr chiclet keyboards
AST Sixpack or similar multi-function cards for IBM PC
SCREWS!  I need any kind of screws for the PC - chassis,
expansion card, floppy drives, etc.
IBM PC's you no longer want, with some of the items
above.  Working or not, need for parts, will pay shipping.
NeXT 2.88MB/OD front bezels for Cube
Lisa Keyboard
Mounting hardware for floppies (Cube) and NeXT floppy cables
One set of rubber "rollers" for the front feet of the NeXT
N7000 monitor
One set of rear feet for the rear of the NeXT N7000 monitor
Ultra2 LVD SCSI cables for 3+ drives, needs to be new
If you want to trade, drop me a line off the list and we'll
- Jeff
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