Booting RSX-11M On A PDP-11/34

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sun Jun 10 08:38:43 2001

> Now for anyone reading this, can the 11/34 do something funky like change
> the speed of it's console line without having to use hardware jumpers? I
> don't think it can, but from the fact that all that's being printed out,
> that's my first thought, however, the fact everything looks to work before
> trying to boot RSX this doesn't look to be the problem.
> Zane

Nah... It's a standard DL11-W or DL11-E in there... However
it's not uncommon for LA120's to get their baud rates reprogrammed
to be used off a PC when the PDP11's being decommissioned.

I'd try to deposit a 301 (octal) or was that 101 in the
output register to the console output buffer -- (was that 777566) -- I
don't have any docs here. Then I'd see if there's an "A" on the LA120...
Try that with all the different LA120 baud rates until it matched.

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