Lilith schematics anyone ?

From: jos.mar <>
Date: Sun Jun 10 13:03:24 2001

> Could URAM be 'uRAM' -- i.e. microcode RAM? In which case it could be an
> optional expansion to the control store or an essential part of the CPU.
> What boards do you have? We might be able to figure out what they are and
> what (if anything) is missing.

My Lilith has the following boards :

 MCU : microcode in bipolar PROM's
 ALU : 4x 2901 Bit sliceCPU
 CPU : Serial channel ??( Has an 1602 UART )
 IFU : interface unit.
 4x64Kb mem boards ( with 16kb DRAM chips )
 DSP : Display interface
 DSK : interface to 10Mb removable HD
 I/O : one RS232 channel.

Missing are uRAM, DPU, DMA ( only used to drive a laserprinter ) and some I/O
I've never heard about programmable microcode in the Lilith, so I presume the
uRAM is an option.
 It could still be a complete computer, but I intend to go
slowly with this one. (i.e. following Tony's rules of checking PSU first etc. )

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