Booting RSX-11M On A PDP-11/34

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Sun Jun 10 11:35:26 2001

on 6/10/01 7:04 AM, Zane H. Healy at wrote:
> It sounds to me as if you're doing everything right. You're just not
> getting the output on the console you should be. This has me wondering a
> few things.
> Did you get everything as a whole or is this something you're trying to put
> together from a variety of sources? If you did get this as a whole, is it
> put together in the same manner it was when this was a working
> configuration. Do you have all the packs mounted that were normally
> mounted when it was in a working condition.
> What version of RSX-11M? Do you know the actual state of your disk pack?
> Do you have a terminal besides the LA120? Do you have Serial lines besides
> the one the LA120 is on?
> Do you have hardware documentation on the 11/34?
> Now for anyone reading this, can the 11/34 do something funky like change
> the speed of it's console line without having to use hardware jumpers? I
> don't think it can, but from the fact that all that's being printed out,
> that's my first thought, however, the fact everything looks to work before
> trying to boot RSX this doesn't look to be the problem.

I got the system as a whole. Everything came from the same person, except
for the LA120, which I bought refurbished from a local dealer. I think the
communications settings have to be correct, because I get the register
printout, and when I send an ASCII character to the LA120 through the
programmer's console, it prints out correctly. I'm not sure I have all the
right packs mounted, because A) I only have 2 of the 3 drives connected, and
B) the labels on a lot of the packs are faded, or have come off completely.
The RSX-11M version is 3.1. The system has 8 (I think) additional serial
lines. I have lots of software manuals, but other than the processor
handbook, I have no hardware documentation. How many RL01 packs does an
average RSX-11M installation use? Also - do the drive numbers (0,1,2...)
depend soley on the order they are connected in?
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