Huge PDP-11 rescue opportunity

From: Enrico Badella <>
Date: Sun Jun 10 12:29:00 2001

Doug Carman wrote:
> Not long ago I ran into some of these ATEX systems when the Orlando
> paper replaced their prepress systems. The ATEX systems they had were
> updated, but had some parts that dated to 1972. The systems used DEC
> MicroPDP-11 processors, but were nearly all custom beyond that. I had a

True 100%! I've got a friend that some months ago decomissioned all
the ATEX systems that were used to create one of the major Italian
newspapers. I had a close look but there was almost nothing that
resembled real DEC PDPs so I didn't pick up anything.


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  Wanted, for hobbyist use, any type of PDP and microVAX hardware,software,
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