Intecolor Updated Request

From: Eric <>
Date: Sun Jun 10 18:28:34 2001

Previously you wrote: [Sat, 9 Jun 2001 19:11:15 -0500]

>The ISC Intecolor 8001 is missing the power cable (which is a funky
>connector I can't
>seem to locate a cord for) and the fuse holder and fuse, which I can't
>identify. You can see the power connector in the lower left and the fuse
>holder in the lower right.
>If anyone can help me locate or can provide the correct power cable, fuse
>and fuse for it (assuming it's not a standard fuse type), I would be GREATLY
>appreciative. I'm prepared to pay money for them as I'd really
>like to have this unit going in it's original condition.

Such the coincidence -- for the last few weeks I've been searching for this
exact power cord -- and now, just this week, I can say I am the proud owner
of one brand new, black, 12' power cable manufactured by Electri-Cord.

( know how it is -- you're searching for something real mundane --
thinking you'll find it in the first place you look. After multiple failed
attempts, and before you know it, you're on a mission to find what has
become anything but mundane - and more like the crown jewel of your
collection. Passionate about a power cord? ...but you don't understand -
this isn't just "any" power cord! :P)

I recently added a Computer Devices, Inc. Miniterm 1203a portable printing
terminal to my collection -- and sho 'nuff -- when it arrived -- no power

If you need one - contact me off list & I'll see if they're still available
(I believe they are.)

Eric F.
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