sync on green to horizontal and vertical wiring seperator.

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Date: Sun Jun 10 16:38:50 2001


This is getting frustrating.

This is fairly on topic because I run older Macs (1987 to 1991, and
many nubus video cards) that does not have native separate syncs by
design. I'm using a very dim Mac high resolution monitor. If
adjusted brighter, it will lose sharpness. It's already adjusted
perfectly and this doesn't helped. That's bad tube, caps that I can
check with my ESR are replaced already.

This is killing my eyes staring at that dim monitor bought about this
thinking to solve that problem because finding decent monitors with
sync on green and composite features that does have good tube is
getting harder to find. I do have a semi-working Nec 3D but tube is
real small! And at other extreme, I have 20" Nec monitor but I'm not
gonna drag that thing here. HUGE and power hungry.

Except I have this dead 17" with all this features is IDEK Liyama
waiting for schematic but that will be long awhile till I have money.
The important details I need is fusiable resistors, they blew and
cooked off the numbers completely.

But I might have one or two monitors I might able to extract certain
IC to split the sync out to drive a peecee monitors which are in
plenty around here.

Otherwise if there a way to build that thing from scratch is nice.


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