Huge PDP-11 rescue opportunity

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Sun Jun 10 21:31:14 2001

They are on the wrong side of the country as are all computers, it

I live in Michigan, and all computers I see on EBay, or hear about in
ClassicCMP are in Florida, California, or Pennsylvania. Sometimes
another states in the East.

So far the only exception has been my PDP11 in a BA23 chassis. It was
in Indiana, about an hours drive from work.

Oh well, I have plenty here already that needs to be tended too.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

"Jeffrey S. Sharp" wrote:
> Quoting Doug Carman <>:
> > Not long ago I ran into some of these ATEX systems when the
> > Orlando paper replaced their prepress systems. ... Although the
> > racks looked like late PDP or VAXish cabinets and the CPU front
> > panel looked much like an 11/84, any other resemblance to real DEC
> > PDP-11's stopped there.
> Well, to me, these are still good machines to rescue. Even if you
> throw away the custom Atex cards, they are machines that still act
> like PDP-11s. Maybe those upgrade CPU cards would be useful to
> someone. Add in the rack cabinets and Kennedy 9100 and it seems
> worth the $100 to me.
> > The systems are arranged in a kind of parallel processing scheme
> > where two of the CPU's dispatch work to all the others via a
> > custom network between CPU's.
> That appears to be the same kind of setup they have.
> So far, there have only been a few people wanting a CPU card or two.
> No one has come out wanting to take the whole load like the owners
> want. Maybe I have overestimated their desirability.
> --
> Jeffrey S. Sharp
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