From: Joel Weder <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 00:07:42 2001

Thanks to everybody who's replied about how to read these EPROMs. I'll
likely be contacting somebody within a couple of weeks to get it done, or I
MIGHT get crazy and buy a Data I/O 29B burner (tho I'm not feeling all that
wealthy right now!) I like Dick's idea of modifying the board for 2716's
after getting the data read out of the 2708's mind you...

It'll be interesting to see what's on these dang things. I have an idea one
program might be some kind of ham radio software, as I just found some
pencilled notes about AFSK and CW outputs to one of the ports. Sure be nice
to find BASIC!

Joel A. Weder
Received on Mon Jun 11 2001 - 00:07:42 BST

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