Need documentation on a 2114B HP Computer

From: Jonathan Engdahl <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 09:36:57 2001

I have this:

A Pocket Guide to Hewlett Packard Computers (early/mid '70s?)
 covering the 2116B, 2115A, and 2114A
   Specifications and Basic Operation Manual
   Assembler Reference Manual
   Basic Control System Reference Manual
   Fortran Reference Manual
   Program Library Reference Manual
   BASIC Language Reference Manual

I'm willing to part with it, since I didn't like that machine
very much, but I'd like to get the book scanned first (maybe by
Bruce Ray's I think they'll cut the back off the
book to do this. You can have it after then, maybe, or you can
use the electronic version.

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Subject: Need documentation on a 2114B HP Computer
> Hello Reader,
> I work at the University of Pittsburgh Physics department and
> have a 2114B HP computer in storage.  I tracked down the
software for it
> but I do not have any manuals on how to run the thing.  If
someone could
> help me out with an operations manual and maybe an instruction
set or
> something the information would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Luke Cashdollar
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