Ebay horror ...

From: Michael Nadeau <menadeau_at_mediaone.net>
Date: Mon Jun 11 11:21:57 2001

Unfortunately, I've noticed this happens more than you would think, although
your example is extreme. Someone finds a complete setup--floppies/hard
drives, manuals, power supply, software, etc--and sells them piecemeal on
eBay. I can see selling an accessory like a printer separately, but breaking
up the items needed to use a system should be discouraged. I don't buy
systems on eBay (too cheap to pay postage), but if I did, I would bid only
on complete setups.


Michael Nadeau
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Subject: Ebay horror ...

> I'm so mad. I'm watching on Ebay now as a greedy seller takes
> apart a PCjr, and parts out the individual pieces for obscene
> amounts of money compared the the cost of an intact system
> unit.
> We're talking almost a complete disassembly - he has even
> removed the IR receiver for the keyboard from the motherboard,
> and is selling that bundled with a keyboard. That part has
> no use without the motherboard.
> The power card, floppy drive card, parallel printer sidecar,
> and the "RARE" 64Kb memory card are also being listed
> separately.
> I polite email to the seller suggesting that the machine is more
> valuable as a unit basically came back as "I sold one part,
> the rest is all gravy, I know what I'm doing so mind your own
> business."
> So distasteful .... I wish there was a way to blacklist people
> like this.
> Mike
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