sol-20 + Helios II system score, plus plea

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 11:36:29 2001

> Well, sometimes great things just happen when you aren't looking.
> Friday night I got an email from a woman who lives 10 minutes from me. She
> was moving and had a Sol-20 with a Helios II disk system and would I want
> to take it?

> Needless to say, I did. I'm a happy guy. Well, I was before
> I got it, so maybe I should say even happier guy.
> There are two problems: although she had about 8 8" floppies, only one of
> them appears to be hard-sectored, which I think the helios system
> was. Second, although there is a very nice persci manual, the manual
> containing the technical information (programming, schematics, theory of
> operation) for the two-board disk controller wasn't to be found.

I know like Bob Stek and I, you've got a pretty complete collection
of SOLUS/Proteus News... have you thought about compiling a list
of people who were subscribers, or who wrote in, and contacting
them? I know, 20 years later, it's a long shot. Too bad Stan
Sokolow got out of it; was it you or Bob who contacted him one
month after he dumped all the PTC stuff?

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