Talking 'bout shakin & quakin (was Re: Storage of computer and parts in the residential area)

From: Vance Dereksen <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 13:23:04 2001

I went to my friends place in California once. While I was there, the
ground started to shake, so I ducked under a table. He said, "Oh... the
big, bad New Yorker. He's afraid of a little earthquake." So I shot him.


Peace... Sridhar

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Chris Kennedy wrote:

> Sellam wrote:
> > They're actually quite fun. [snip]
> To make this remotely on topic, I recall experiencing an earthquake
> at ROLM MSC in the early 80's. The MSC campus was located in San Jose,
> on North First, and was (at the time) a standard-issue south bay
> two story tilt-up for offices along with a large single-story structure
> for manufacturing.
> One afternoon I and a few other people were at the coffee station outside
> the machine room when a modest earthquake hit. It was interesting watching
> waves roll through the concrete slab on which we were standing.
> The episode also immediately exposed the California natives (we're the ones
> who stood around watching the waves in the floor while drinking coffee and
> eyeing the nearest desks and doorways) and the non-natives (who went
> screaming
> out of the building).
> > Now that I'm a home owner living within 20 miles of a major fault, I don't
> > have such a cavalier attitude anymore, especially since earthquake
> > insurance in California is a funny joke (i.e. even if you could afford it,
> > it's better to forgo it and take your chances).
> Or, as one agent put it to me "be sure you knock over a candle on your way
> out
> of your earthquake damaged house".
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