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From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Mon Jun 11 14:09:35 2001

> My own inclination is to view computers that don't run as projects or as
> parts-supply, and computers without reusable parts as dumpster-bound. I'd
> want a machine that requires power I can't supply. I'd never want a machine
> that I can't see how to fix, either. Once it's relegated to the parts bins,
> gets dismantled and put in the parts stock, right down to the screws and
> washers, and the sheet metal goes to the scrapper or to the dumpster.

At first, I was dittoing along with this, until I got to the
PSU-I-cant-repair part. I understand the thinking, of course,
but I can think of quite a few machines that would fit that
bill that I'd take as long as I could find an *indoors*
location for them (having noted the rust remark below).

Eventually, someone might have the desire to acquire it and
the means to power it, and I'd be tickled to have enabled
that to happen.

Do you *really* know people who keep mainframes rusting
in the yard? CDC Cybers, by any chance?


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