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From: Marvin <>
Date: Mon Jun 11 15:05:19 2001

FWIW, generally speaking you cannot find out who filed the complaint until
the issue has been resolved. After that, you should be able to go down to
the zoning commission office and find out who filed the complaint. A similar
situation happened to me probably 10 years or so ago. After it was over, I
found out who complained, and paid them a visit. I was not antagonistic, but
I made it VERY clear if someone has a problem with me or what I am doing,
they best talk to me FIRST!!! I made enough of a stink that the zoning
person remembered me when I actually did have some non-working cars in the
"parking lot" at the back of the house a couple of years ago. I got rid of
them (which I had been procrastinating doing), called the zoning people, and
that was the end of it.

Mike Ford wrote:
> I finally got a call through to the zoning person, actually a reasonable
> human being. Apparently some "neighbor" filed a complaint that I was
> running a resale computer business out of my house. I explained that this
> was my hobby, and not operated for financial gain, which took some details,
> but for now the case is closed. A letter or phone call will go back to the
> complainer with my denial of business activity, and that is the end of it
> unless they can somehow show proof of business operation.
> Overall I still find the whole experience very chilling on the pleasurable
> pursuit of a hobby. I have a bunch of stuff I am ready to get rid of, and
> now I have to wonder if somebody is snooping on me ready to cause more
> trouble if I sell something.
> OTOH mentally it has me more focused on what part of this activity is fun,
> buying neat stuff, fixing it, and helping fellow users. I really hate the
> selling, shipping, generally business side of things.
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