PDP 8/e Help - File Transfer

From: David Gesswein <djg_at_drs-esg.com>
Date: Mon Jun 11 21:29:56 2001

> From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
> See: http://highgate.comm.sfu.ca/pdp8/
> The Software section contains wehat you need. The dump and restore utilities
> contain programs for downloading files from PC to PDP 8/E, and you can
> also use the send.c and rim.c programs if you want.
I have an updated version at ftp://ftp.pdp8.net/software/dumprest.zip
It fixes some minor bugs and has better documentation. It also breaks
TD8E DECtape, yet another thing on the TODO list.

If anybody uses this to copy their media to a PC I would like to get a copy
of the images to put on my FTP site to increase the available PDP-8 software.

> From: "Rick Bensene" <rickb_at_bensene.com>
> >
> > It was working perfectly for the longest time, then, very suddenly when
> > accessing either RK05 drive, I get errors that are kind of strage.

I had an interesting one with mine, it started giving read errors on existing
packs but worked fine if you formatted a pack in the drive. A counter
failed so the the header words were written to the wrong location.

> > I need to somehow get the MAINDEC RK8E diagnostic loaded onto the machine
> > to try to see what is going on with the disk controller.
> >
If you need more help email me. I have run them by boot/pt and sending paper
tape images through the serial port.

David Gesswein
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