Call for Resources for CDC 6000/Cyber 70 Series Emulator

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Jun 12 07:39:47 2001

> > I'd say it's worth preserving. May I implore you to seek
> > out one of the people who frequent this list who offer
> > conversion services? Let's get it on disk, somebody may
> > find one of these systems someday. Or might want to write
> > an emulator...
> >
> Sure, sounds good in theory. Who has a 7-track tape drive in usable
> condition at the moment, and wants to try reading the tape?

I didn't want to volunteer him, since he does this both as a
courtesy for fellow hobbyists and as a business for customers.
He says he's got a several month backlog of handling his
customer's needs, so the hobby-courtesy work is even more
way behind.

Likely, you'd have to just send him the tape and wait a year
or so before he'll be able to get around to it. But I'm sure
you've seen Tim Shoppa posting here before, and he's one of
the ones I know about. The guy I sent my 9-track to is having
someone else do it, and he didn't specify, so it's possible
he's sent it to Tim.

Meanwhile, as a possible hedge against this coming up in the
future, I'll be keeping an eye out for a 7-track drive, one
that's of sufficiently-late manufacture that it can be made
workable again. May have to design a custom interface, but
that's just work...

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