Cyber205 was RE: Ebay horror ...

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Tue Jun 12 10:51:00 2001

On June 12, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> I just read it last night, but can't find the reference;
> but the Cyber 205 was the final evolution of the CDC 7600
> machine. Its peripheral processors were true, individual
> processors, as opposed to the 6600's single multi-threaded
> PP (one processor with multiple contexts).

  I beg to differ here...The design of the 205 was based on the design
of the Star 100, which predates even the 6600. I'm sure there was
some cross-pollenation of ideas and such (being the same company and
all) but they are different computers entirely.

             -Dave McGuire
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