Cyber205 was RE: Ebay horror ...

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Jun 12 12:15:58 2001

> But yes, it is rectangular. And big. I would give my right arm to
>be able to restore/preserve/own a functional Cyber205 (or any Cyber
>for that matter, anybody have a smaller one available?)...the one at
>Purdue seems to have been gutted, sigh.

    At least a gutted one presents at least some sort of starting point on
which to build and it it's the racks and panels you get, that's a bit better
than starting off with nothing more than a single board or two. If it were
a machine I wanted badly enough, it'd still be worth looking into even in
that type of shape. There are certainly automotive and aircraft collectors
that have started out with less and ended up with fully functional vehicles
after spending enough time gathering the pieces.

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