Cyber205 was RE: Ebay horror ...

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Tue Jun 12 12:23:55 2001

On June 12, Jeff Hellige wrote:
> > But yes, it is rectangular. And big. I would give my right arm to
> >be able to restore/preserve/own a functional Cyber205 (or any Cyber
> >for that matter, anybody have a smaller one available?)...the one at
> >Purdue seems to have been gutted, sigh.
> At least a gutted one presents at least some sort of starting point on
> which to build and it it's the racks and panels you get, that's a bit better
> than starting off with nothing more than a single board or two. If it were
> a machine I wanted badly enough, it'd still be worth looking into even in
> that type of shape. There are certainly automotive and aircraft collectors
> that have started out with less and ended up with fully functional vehicles
> after spending enough time gathering the pieces.

  You make an excellent point here...but Cyber205s aren't exactly
common enough to find parts lying around from time to time. :-/

        -Dave McGuire
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