IBM 5110 available (two)

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Tue Jun 12 20:08:21 2001


Passing this on for a him, not me!

There are two IBM 5110 computers (BASIC only) available from
They're in Chatanooga, TN, and are in running condition.

They include the large 8" floppy disk drives ... and, no "large"
isn't a reference to 8" vs. modern floppies (check the picture and see!)

Pictures at:

I'm not associated with Bernard, or the sale of the two computers...
I was thinking about buying them, and put the pictures on my web site
so a friend could look at them.

(The cabinet below each computer is *just* a dual 8" floppy drive...
a year later, IBM had shrunk the drive electronics to the point where
they could integrate the drives into the computer, and still have a
desktop computer!)

I think he's looking for $1500 for the pair, not including shipping.

He's the original purchaser, and used them in his business.

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