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From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Tue Jun 12 22:23:34 2001

You're right of course, about the PCB's that are of interest to you, but what
about the ones that aren't? I've often snagged boards, not because I knew and
wanted what they do, but because I knew and wanted what the IC's on the board
could do and I wanted that in my inventory. I once built up a very-wide-word
ALU using parts salvaged from several discrete DSP boards I was able to scrounge
from a scrapper. I got them out of the dumpster, BTW, so they didn't cost
anything. I've never seen so many 74S283's in one application since then.


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> > It is, perhaps, an honorable sentiment, what you suggest, Tony, but not
> > practical if you expect your hobby to help support itself.
> I find this annoying, BTW. I don't know exactly what the gold on a card
> edge is worth, but it can't be more than a few pounds. Often the
> complete PCB is worht a lot more than that to me -- to be used in the
> machine it was supposed to run in. As it is, the only use for the PCB is
> to have the 'interesting' ICs removed (generally things like 2900 series,
> ECL, etc)
> -tony
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