Devoted site to the Otrona Attache?

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 11:16:52 2001

> > Does anyone know where (if?) there are any sites devoted to the Otrona
> > Attache? I am asking because I not too long ago picked up one of these
> > great little machines (I know, lucky me!) & was wondering how large
> > (small?) the remaining user base is.

For those not familiar, the Otrona was one of the most compact portable
CP/M machines.

The base model had a 400K floppy format, but there was an upgrade to 96TPI
drives for 800K. There also was an 8088 upgrade with MS-DOS.

To promote the concept of a portable machine, Otrona had an ad showing
Charlie Chaplin trying to carry an IBM PC on a card table down stairs in
front of a building. IBM, however, had actually LICENSED the use of
Chaplin's character from his estate. (Chaplin himself would have HATED
doing business with IBM!)

The late Frank Hatfield loaned me one to play with while it was a current

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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