SBUS graphics cards for Suns to get rid of

From: Kelly Fergason <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 11:47:45 2001

I have some Vitec Rasterflex cards I'm looking to get rid of.
double wide SBUS, 3 of them. Also, a single wide that says
Bit 3 Computer Corporation, with a connector that has about 62 pins.
That card might be the interface to the graphics controller box,
but I don't have that.

These are for Sun Sparc, and they work in Sparc 2 and 10 systems,
(and possibly others). They are untested, though they did work
many years ago.

Has software on QIC, and manual.

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Rare!! Upgrade your Sparc 2 to 24bit graphics!!!!

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Best offer by Thursday afternoon, or
I toss them, (or worse, try Ebay...:-))

Please reply off-list to for if anyone wants
more info.

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