From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 12:16:05 2001

Tony Duell wrote:
> 2764s are available everywhere and are cheap. And _every_ modern
> programmer can handle them (I've seen a few programmers that can
> handle nothing smaller than the 2764).

Heh heh. Don't we all collect classic programmers as well?

I do. I have three or four including a Data I/O that we used to program
6309 and similar fusible link PROMs for the original model COMBOARD
(8Mhz 68000, 32Kb of 2114 SRAM, .5Kb PROM). The one that I use most
often is a universal programmer attached to a Commodore Colt. I've
asked before about software (I don't have the last rev for it). It's
a UP600a.

I also have a programmer for the C-64 - "Promenade", I think it's called.

While I may be able to program a 2708, I don't think I can do 1702As.


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