Interest in UUCP?

From: Ken Seefried <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 15:49:43 2001

The source code for uucp is availible any number of places; that's probably
the best existing doco. I occasionally have to dust off my ancient UUCP
sk1llz to get files on and off some antique for a client.

BTW...If one wanted to create an out-of-band network, I dunno if I'd pick
UUCP. There are a number of other approaches to doing this out there that
are more functional, more covert and less baroque.

I can almost remember when I was "...!ucbvax!gatech!weasel!ken". Weasel was
a i386sx/20 running SCO Unix in my apartment, and with a 2400 baud dialin, I
was *way* kewler than those BBS weenies. Mail, USENET News and file
transfer...all you really needed. Peter Honeyman was even around to ask
questions, which helped.

Ken Seefried, CISSP
Received on Wed Jun 13 2001 - 15:49:43 BST

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