IBM 5110 available (two)

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 20:03:39 2001

> What is on all those floppies anyway?

The owner told me that he used the 5110 along with an unreliable
IBM 5265 POS system. The 5110 was very reliable and he
didn't have a service contract for it. Eventually, he bought a used
5110 as a spare ... both units still work.

The POS had an 8" floppy that recorded the sales and then
the data was moved to the 5110.
He wrote the software to process the inventory and merge the
information between the two machines.
(For 1978, this was pretty good!)

That's all I know.

Stan Sieler
Received on Wed Jun 13 2001 - 20:03:39 BST

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