Manuals to PDF advice sought

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 21:19:57 2001

Jeff Hellige wrote:

> >Re: OCR -- Trouble I've had is (and this is just pickiness, if the
> >actual info's all you care about then it's no prob) you invariably
> >lose the font and other aspects of the original appearance of the
> >document, which is a bummer. I converted a PDF of Sun Remarketing's
> >Lisa DIY guide into HTML with images because I wanted search engines
> >to be able to index the content.
> The ability to search the PDF would be nice, but I think the
> amount of work required to do the OCR and then do all the formatting
> and such would outweigh that benifit, though the OCR'd PDF's tend to
> be smaller as well. I'd prefer to keep the original layout, fonts
> and all, though.

What comes as relief -- if you have that software -- you can have
PDF with two layers: a searchable OCRed layer and a viewable pixel
layer. You view the pixels and search the OCRed text. I have been
told it works nicely.


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