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From: Vance Dereksen <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 11:56:08 2001

The M-ACPA/A is not really a sound card in the traditional sense. It was
not designed to do real time playback. It was designed more as a card for
annotating multimedia presentations with audio. It will work with DOS and
Windows, and 95/98 with some finagling. It will NOT, however be
compatible with most games. Also, it probably will not do 44.1K/16.

Peace... Sridhar

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Chad Fernandez wrote:

> I see, I thought it was a line of cards or something. One of my SB
> cards has Vibra printed right on the PCB in big letters.
> Will the IBM ACPC work in both DOS and Windows? How about 98? I have
> heard things about the other Microchannel sound cards working in only
> Windows, or only DOS but not both.
> I'd like to get one for this machine, a model 80 with a Reply Corp.
> motherboard and Kingston Turbochip. I run Win98 on it, However, an I
> don't know if the other sound cards will work.
> I figured I'd go a little higher than normal on the SoundBlaster, but I
> wasn't prepared to beat 7 bucks. The seller was correct in staing that
> they are rare, but i wasn't going to pay that much!
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA
> wrote:
> > Vibra is a chipset that creative labs uses in their sound cards. Actually, if
> > you just want .wav file sounds and MIDI, an IBM ACPA MCA sound card will
> > work. That's what I'm looking for.
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