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From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 13:23:36 2001

There's a great book by Gordon Bell and others entitled
"Computer Structures: Principles & Examples" which is online

However, there are a few pages in it they didn't OCR, but
instead just scanned and put up on the web. Unfortunately,
they weren't scanned in sufficient resolution to be readable.

Does anyone out there have a copy of this book? What I need
are the instruction-set processor listings for the CDC 6600
Peripheral & Control Processor on pages 737-738, and the
isp for the CPU of the same machine, pages 739-742. The
scans need be only hi-res enough for me to OCR; as an
alternative, I'll take photocopies, but I'd rather not
leave this to someone else to OCR for me (actually, I
don't mind someone else OCR'ing it for me as long as I
can get printed or scanned copies to use as a sanity

This book should not be confused with Bell, et. al.,
"Computer Structures: Readings and Examples". Also a
great book, but lacking the info I need.

-doug quebbeman
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