UUCP and Netnews

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Thu Jun 14 15:59:06 2001

> > Can I run it through inetd, though? I would really rather not have it as a
> > daemon (unless uucpd doesn't do any network stuff).
> In modern FreeBSD (back to 1997 or so), uucpd is intended to be run
> from inetd. It does /etc/passwd-based login authentication and
> launches uucico.
> Taylor UUCP supports running uucico directly from inetd. If you give
> uucico a -l argument it will issue "login:" and "Password:" prompts
> and do login authentication using its own list of users and passwords
> (not /etc/passwd).
> What's stockholm running, AIX?

Correct, 4.x. I have the AIX uucp toolkit already installed, but it's not
configured in any way (it calls it Basic Networking Utilities, in typical
Big Blue obfuscation).

Speaking of uucpd, it looks like the system is already set up. I was going
to add the relevant line to inetd.conf and it looks like it's there ready
to go:

#uucp stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/uucpd uucpd

I'm going to put my transparent IP-range-restrict wrappers around this,
but it looks like I'm set with the binaries and just need to set it up
(I'm very new to administering UUCP, so help and pitfall warnings

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