OT - F-15C Cockpit [was Enigma [was Ebay horror]]

From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Thu Jun 14 16:29:39 2001

> counted them. Everybody believed it was a hoax until the school brought the
> case to the plant and then heads rolled. Actually only an empty case. I've
> heard that small military items, weapons, occasionally disappear because
> they are never visually counted only accounted for in the computer.

The guy I got the F-15 from ended up with a brand new torpedo the same
way. He used to buy their shipment cases as surplus and due to a mixup at
the facility that was disposing of the containers, a full one was
loaded. The Navy gave birth to a full grown cow when they found out about
it. It had the guidance section as well as the warhead (if I recall
correctly) installed.

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