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From: Citron, John <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 16:37:47 2001

 was looking over your list of "old computers"...

I worked for Visual Technology/Ontel Corporation from 1983 - 1987. Visual
made two computer products. The V-1050 and the Commuter Computer.

The V-1050 was identical to the Ontel Amigo, but with a different case and
like the Amigo, it ran CP/M. The Amigo ran CP/M 2.2. The V-1050 ran
CP/M-Plus (3.3). The Visual unit, like the Amigo, could support a 5 or 10MB
HD located in an external unit. The drive was connected by a centronics to
centronics cable. The 1050 had two high density floppy drives. I don't
remember how many drives the Amigo supported.

The Commuter Computer was an IBM PC Compatible unit that came with MS-DOS
2.2. These units shipped with a maximum of 512k of ram and a 25 line LCD

This is a great list. It's hard to believe how many companies have changed/
folded over the past twenty years.

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