Does anyone collect Apollo workstations?

From: joe <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 22:07:54 2001

A buddy of mine here in Orlando, semi-collects them. He has two (330s I
think). He used to be on this list but couldn't keep up with the traffi so
he dropped off. The same guy is a real nut about Compupros and he has a
TON of those!


At 09:03 PM 6/14/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Are DN300's or a DN330 of any interest?
>The DN3XX machines have a nice external drive box that features a half-height
>8-inch floppy, probably DSDD. I have a number of these, along with the 8 inch
>winchester disks.
>What about the DN660? (thats a cool Apollo!) Plays an awesome game of battle
>Or the DN3000, DN3500, DN4000 style machines?
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