PUTR V2.0 (and ST V1.1)

From: John Wilson <wilson_at_dbit.com>
Date: Thu Jun 14 23:54:55 2001

At long last (three years since V1.28), new version of PUTR.COM is now
available from:


PUTR (Peripheral Utility Transfer Routines) is a file transfer utility which
runs under DOS (or in a DOS session) and can exchange files and/or disk images
with DEC file systems and/or media. It has a simple command language which
feels sort of like a stripped-down DOS command interpreter, but extended so
that files on PDP-8 and/or PDP-11 volumes may be accessed the same way as
native DOS files, using familiar commands like DIR, TYPE, COPY, DELETE, etc.

It also can perform more basic functions, like formating DEC-style floppies,
and copying container files to or from real disks.

It supports most of the major PDP-8 and PDP-11 file structures (although the
Files-11 support is currently read-only), and a bunch of minor ones too.
Volumes may be located in PC container files, on PDP-8/PDP-11 floppies (most
DEC formats, including SSSD 8" disks on a suitably equipped PC), raw SCSI
drives (including Zip and MO), TU58 cartridge tapes (connected through a COM
port), and raw CDs.

many brand new features which have been tested by only one person, so you may
find ways to trip it up that I wouldn't have thought of, and in any case it
always makes sense to be unusually cautious when writing on a foreign file
system. You have been warned!

New features since previous version (V1.28, 06/11/1998):

* Reads Files-11 disks (RSX, IAS, P/OS).

* Reads TSS/8.24 disks.

* Reads/writes RSTS/E disks (RSTS support was read-only in V1.28).

* Reads/writes DOS/BATCH disks.

* Reads/writes XXDP+ disks.

* Reads/writes TSS/8 DECtapes in PUTR.SAV format (but not COPY.SAV format).

* Many new disk drive types (RAxx, RDxx, RMxx, RPxx).

* Image file sizes over usual 2 GB DOS limit (on FAT32 systems only), up to
  (almost) 4 GB.

* Raw CD-ROMs may be accessed through MSCDEX (used to support SCSI CDs only),
  on real DOS anyway (Windows 95/98 MSCDEX emulation is buggy).

* FORMAT /MSCP command now accepts BLOCKS, MB etc. keywords in file size (so
  you don't need a calculator to convert blocks to bytes).

* Bugs fixed.


Also, a new version of the "ST.EXE" SCSI tape utility is now at:


This is a simple utility for manipulating SCSI tapes, including DEC TZ30 and
TK50Z-GA tape drives, SCSI 9-track drives, and other tapes with 9-track-ish
semantics, like DLT or 4 mm DAT. It provides many of the same basic commands
as the UNIX "mt" utility (space N records in either direction, write a tape
mark, rewind, etc.), but also has IGET and IPUT commands which copy between a
real tape, and a tape image file in Ersatz-11's format (which is also used by
some other emulators).

Changes since V1.0:

* IGET and IPUT now take an optional record length parameter.
  If this value is specified, then the image file is assumed *not* to contain
  blocking information and all bytes are treated as data, at the specified
  fixed record length (so it works like the UNIX "dd" utility).

* Source code is now available.

John Wilson
D Bit
Received on Thu Jun 14 2001 - 23:54:55 BST

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