ASR35 help needed

From: Stefan <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 14:13:35 2001


Its punches all the holes fine, every character has a different hole-pattern :)
So than its probably a selector problem, the question now is, where can I
find the selector ?
You really have to help me here because I have no idea about Teletype's but
they are o so cool.
(imho I think vintage mechanical equipment is just as cool or even cooler
than vintage computers :)


At 19:25 14-6-01 +0100, you wrote:
> >
> > I want to get my ASR 35 fixed but I have no idea where to start and also
> > have no documentation.
> > The problem is that I only have half of the available characters, so until
> > the letter K or something everything works fine, but after that it starts
> > over with the letter A again.
> >
> > Anybody any idea what the problem might be here ?
>I don't have the ASR35 manuals (and I know it's very different from the
>33 that I do have the service manuals for), but this sounds like one bit
>gone missing. Maybe you've got a sticking linkage in the selector
>mechanism (or further back in the receiving mechanism).
>To isolate the area, try punching a piece of tape (you did say ASR,
>right?). If it punches all bits correctly, then the receive is fine and
>you have a selector problem. If one track is punched incorrectly (either
>no holes or always holes), then you have a receiver problem.
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