More books on ebay of possible interest to list

From: Alice Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 15:08:17 2001

As of this time the off-ebay books are spoken for but the ones on ebay are
there to look at and ponder. I'll likely be posting many more sets in the
next couple days/weeks. Too much stuff, too little room.

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Set of 7 older programming books -
Also I have a few "odd" books off-ebay - one lot....

GW BASIC and MSDOS softcover books from a Video Technologies 286. One of
each, both each baout 280 pages and (c) 1986

Miscrosoft GW-BASIC User's Guide and User's Reference for Phoenix Computer,
softcover about 275 pages. 1986

IBM BASIC 3.0 in original slip case box. No software, just manual in 3 ring
binder in slip case.

Xerox 6060 Family - Operator's Guide to MSDOS. Also in slip case with no
software. 1985

IBM Disk Operating System v 3.10 - again in slip case, notebook manual but
no software.

The set of 6 off-ebay books are together. I need $10 plus USPS for them,
either thru Paypal or money order. First come - first serve. Drop me an
email direct on these.
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