MicroVax 3100 Question & Asking for Computers

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Sat Jun 16 19:48:30 2001

Anthony Clifton - Retrocomputing.com skrev:

>Just goes to show that the best way to get old machines for free is to
>just tell people, publicly, that you collect them. It also helps to mention
>that you won't put them on Ebay. I used to Ebay stuff but I've become
>DEEPLY disillusioned with Ebay after losing a beautiful set of CCS S100
>cards in the last 30 seconds because I bid $2.50 too low.

Got to try that some time. OTOH, I only wish there were an eBay around here.
OTOH, the lack thereof gives me at least some breathing space in my room. =)

>At any rate, the 3100s don't have monitors, mice, keyboards.

>Question 1: Do MicroVax 3100's have monitors, mice or keyboards
>or do they just use terminals? I've only ever used Microvax Is, IIs
>and various full size Vaxen. Never owned any any 4 digit pizza boxes.

If they've got such capabilities, they're called VAXstations. Look at the back
of the MicroVAX. The only ports around there are serial ports, SCSI and
Ethernet, IIRC.

>Question 2: Even if they do use tubes and rodents, is it possible to
>flip a switch or change a jumper to use just a VT220 or something
>like that and how do I do it?

Plug it in, plug it in. Assuming you've got a real VT with those odd modular
connectors, at least. Or is there a magic switch for using the DB25 on the
back, pray tell?

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