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Date: Sun Jun 17 09:03:47 2001

On 16 Jun, Anthony Clifton - Retrocomputing.com wrote:

> Question 1: Do MicroVax 3100's have monitors, mice or keyboards
> or do they just use terminals?
If it is a MicroVAX or VAXserver 3100 it will use a serial console.
There is no framebuffer in these machines. Only VAXstations have

> Question 2: Even if they do use tubes and rodents, is it possible to
> flip a switch or change a jumper to use just a VT220 or something
> like that and how do I do it?
If it is a VAXstation 3100, there will be the magical "S3" switch near
the diag LEDs on the back. If it is seted to the upper (?) position the
console goes to the MMJ serial printer port. 9600 8n1 as usual.
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